Food Biocompatibility Test

A program as unique as you!   This simple hair or saliva test determines your compatibility with 600 foods and household items.

Food Biocompatibility Test

Are you feeding your child the right food for their body?

Biocompatible Food Testings takes the guess work out of nutrition.

  • Biocompatible food testing is a simple hair or saliva test that assesses your compatibility with 600 foods and household products.  
  • The results are then used to determine which foods benefit your child's body the best and which foods should be avoided. 
  • The test gives you, the parent, the foods to focus on to enhance cellular function and foods to avoid that may compromise cellular function and create underlying inflammation in the body.

Straightforward and non-invasive testing - no blood test needed - sample of hair or saliva is all that is required

Remove the guesswork and receive a comprehensive colour-coded report detailing which foods (brands included) work best for your child at a cellular level

45 minute one on one post-test consultation with Jean included - receive support to implement recommended changes and ensure your child is not left deficient in any nutrients. 

Food Biocompatibility test.


How much hair should I send?

Only a small amount of hair is needed, from any area on your child's head -  the size of a match stick.  The test may also be done with saliva.   Please get  in touch if this is your preferred method. 

Place hair in a clean zip lock bag and post to:

Hair Testing
Health Kids Naturally
Level 2, 15 Stanley Street
St. Ives 2075. 

Do I need to book a Consultation prior to the test?

No initial consultation is required. Simple cut the hair and send it to us.    Once we receive your test results we will be in touch to book a 45 minute one on one consultation with Jean.  This is included in the testing price.   She will assist you with recommended changes, suggested products swaps, advise where to purchase alternative items and provide any additional recipes you may need. 

Where do I send the test?

Mail to:

Hair Testing
Health Kids Naturally 
Level 2, 15 Stanley Street
St. Ives 2075. 

Who should do take this test?

I use this test in clinic to provide assistance for clients suffering a variety of health complaints such as constipation, IBS, anxiety, eczema, acne, reflux, migraines, sinusitis, rhinitis, and poor sleep.   It is suitable for everyone from babies to adults.   

There is an additional test for babies which includes a list of baby products.   

If would like to undertake the test for your baby/child who is breastfeeding the test should be taken by baby and mum.  This is still one test and there is no additional cost, but I recommend adding the baby list.

If you are doing the test for breastfeeding children, please send hair from your child and and mum in the same plastic zip lock bag.  They will both be tested and mum will need to comply with the test results while breastfeeding. 


Does this hair test also test for allergies?

No, this test focuses on foods that are compatible to restore and reduce your child's system at a cellular level. 

How long does this test take?

It is usually a two week turnaround from the time the sample is received in-clinic until the results are received.   

Tell me more about the report?

You will receive an extensive report including a 6 page colour coded list detailing foods down to the brand that will be best for your child. 

Absolutely recommending Jean. I have recently seen her with my son's tummy troubles. She was able to make him feel much more comfortable in a very short time. I appreciated that she focuses on diet changes rather than supplements, which is very economical but also sustainable. I am so grateful for her ongoing support and would definitely give her 100 stars if I could.



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