In my recent blog “Which milk should I choose” I discussed the best and the worse choices for milk.  If you are currently using store bought nut milk why don’t you have a go at making it yourself.  It’s simple and tastes amazing.

The basics – it really is this simple.

  • Buy good quality, organic if possible, raw nuts
  • Soak the nuts overnight
  • Drain and rinse the soaked nuts
  • Blend the nuts with fresh water 
  • Strain the nut milk 
  • Sweeten, if desired
  • Chill, drink and enjoy!

Soak Your Nuts Overnight

Soaking softens the nuts, making the milk creamy and easier to digest.  Soaking also removes the phytic acid and enzyme inhibitors found naturally in nuts, this enables us to absorb more nutrition from the nuts.

Soaking times will be impacted slightly by the size of the nuts but a general rule is 12 to 24 hours.  If it’s longer don’t worry, that is perfectly ok.


1 cup of raw nuts – almonds, cashews, brazil nuts, macadamia nuts.  Or a combination.

2 cups water, plus more for soaking

Sweeteners, such as honey, medjool dates or  maple syrup (optional)


Soak your nuts over night

Drain and rinse soaked nuts

Add soaked nuts and water to your blender and blend until smooth.  The time will depend on the speed of your blender

Nuts can then be strained through some clean muslin cloth or you can use a nut milk bag.  Squeeze to ensure you get all of the precious milk out of the pulp.

Add sweetener if you wish.  If you are using dates to sweeten your milk you should add them at the time of blending.   Other sweeteners can be added later.

Your fresh nut milk will last approximately 4 day in the refrigerator.  If it splits, simply shake. 

If you wish to have a creamer, richer milk, use less water.

There are lots of wonderfully inventive recipes to help use the discarded pulp.

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